About me

Hello! Welcome to my website, my name is Edgar García Leyva, I am a Computer Systems Engineer from the Chilpancingo Technological Institute (ITCH), belonging to the National Technology of Mexico (TNM), and a Master of Science in Mobile Computing Systems from the Higher School of Computing (ESCOM), belonging to the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN). During my career until today, I have been able to develop my interest in creating software, mainly mobile and web applications. I am passionate about learning new things related to my areas of study to put them into practice in the development of my projects.

Some of my areas of interest are mobile computing, web development, databases, engineering of software, audio signal analysis.


These are some of the mobile applications that I have developed, which are available on the Play Store, for now, only some of them are available on the App Store.

Binary Calculator

Bluetooth Signal Meter

GPS Travel Alarm - Awake!

Hello World

QR Barcode Reader

Share Contacts

QR WiFi Connection

WiFi Signal Strength Meter

Guitar Notes Trainer

WiFi Analyzer

App stores

Visit the app store corresponding to your smartphone's operating system to download my apps.

Play Store

App Store


If any of my applications have been useful to you and you want to make a donation as a thank you, you can do it through Paypal, Thank you so much! 😁/.

I love programming, music and coffee 👨🏽‍💻🎸☕️.


You can contact me through the following email:


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